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Commercial Services 

At Allied Generators we know just how vital a generator is to your business. One way to ensure your generator will be operational when you need it most is through routine maintenance. We offer budget friendly and site specific preventative maintenance options that include a comprehensive multi-point inspection. 
Allied Generators also knows that as generators age they will eventually require service outside of routine maintenance. Being a full-service dealer we are able to offer many additional commercial service options guaranteed to keep your generator in top operating condition for as long as possible.

Commercial Sales and Installation

At Allied Generators we know all too well how unpredictable our Midwestern weather can be. The severe thunderstorms and extremely harsh winters that we have grown accustomed to can often lead to prolonged power outages. The best way to be ready for the next big storm is to install a commercial stand by generator. A purchase that not only protects your business but also offers peace of mind in knowing your business will have the seamless uninterrupted power that is required to maintain mission critical processes and functions.

Allied Generators strives to provide only quality products and installations, therefore, we specialize in three brands of commercial generators; Generac, Kohler and MTU. By focusing on these top selling brands, our knowledge and expertise of their equipment is second to none. Call us today and our team will walk you through every step of purchasing, installing and maintaining your business standby generator.

“Disaster Recovery”, In business, it’s talked about all of the time. We at Allied Generators like to think that we are in the “Disaster Avoidance” business. Our goal is to help your business avoid a disaster by insuring that you always have the critical power needed to avoid an outage that can cripple your mission critical business processes.

Allied Generators’ team of critical power experts are ready to help you assess your business’ unique requirements and design a solution that will keep your business processes functioning when a utility power failure strikes.

The businesses that benefit the most from backup power solutions are: data centers, medical facilities, nursing homes, call centers, telecommunications providers, refrigerated storage, and manufacturing facilities that can suffer huge financial losses if a loss of power occurs (metal plating companies are a great example).​

Call and speak to our seasoned sales team to learn about our small in size but big on power home generator options.   651-770-3483

Additional Services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Load Bank Testing
  • NFPA-110 control upgrades
  • Switchgear repairs
  • DC power plant battery testing and monitoring for Telecom applications
  • 24 Hour emergency service
  • EPA Approved Waste Disposal

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